05 mai 2006


Voici une nouvelle intéressante : la création prochaine de l'ERC - EUROPEAN RESEARCH COUNCIL.

D'abord il y aura un appui financier pour des jeunes qui démarrent dans la recherche. Ensuite les moins jeunes pourront aussi être soutenus.

The ERC will have a unique position as a pan-European funding organisation
designed to support the best science and scholarship.
Awards will be made and grants operated according to simple procedures that
maintain the focus on excellence, encourage initiative and combine flexibility
with accountability.
3. The ERC start-up strategy
it is imperative that substantial funding starts in the first year of the 7th
framework programme.

• In the start up phase, priority will be given to an ERC Starting Independent
Researcher Grant scheme (ERC Starting Grant). The objective will be to provide
adequate support to the independent careers of excellent researchers, (...) who
are at the stage of establishing their first research team or program, whatever
their nationality.

• In addition, a second funding stream, the ERC Advanced Investigator Grant
scheme (ERC Advanced Grant) will be established as soon as feasible thereafter
for projects led by Investigators at all subsequent career stages.

*Document ERC SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL Strategy Note*

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