Michele Bolognesi

Professor of Algebra and Geometry at the:
Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendieck 
Universite' de Montpellier

Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendieck
Universite' de Montpellier
Case Courrier 051
Place Eugene Bataillon
34095 Montpellier cedex 5



Email:  michele.bolognesi(at)umontpellier(dot)fr

Personal: here.

Michele Bolognesi    


Domains of interest:
Algebraic geometry, moduli theory, derived categories, birational geometry, homological algebra, projective geometry.

A short CV : Vita.

Recent activities (future or past) :
An introductory workshop on algebraic statistics. Feel free to register and come!
Our favourite semestral seminar of algebraic geoemtry: the SMGA .
The 60th birthday conference of Angelo Vistoli.


Rationality questions and motives of cubic fourfolds (with C. Pedrini), p.1-46   arXiv

Moduli spaces of (1,7)-polarized abelian surfaces and varieties of sums of powers (with A. Massarenti), p.1-9   arXiv

A variation on a conjecture of Fulton and Faber (with A. Massarenti), p. 1-34   arXiv

Some loci of rational cubic fourfolds , (with F.Russo, and an appendix by G.Stagliano?) p.1-27   arXiv

Homological Projective Duality for determinantal varieties. (with M.Bernardara and D.Faenzi) p.1-23  
Advances in Math. 296 (2016), 181?209. arXiv

Moduli of abelian surfaces, symmetric theta structures and theta characteristics. (with A. Massarenti) p.1-44   arXiv To appear on
Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici

Mapping class groups of trigonal loci. (with Michael Loenne) p. 1-23   arXiv,
Selecta Math. (N.S.) 22 (2016), no. 1, 417?445.

Factorization of point configurations, cyclic covers and conformal blocks. (with N.Giansiracusa) p. 1-23   arXiv,
Journ. of the Eur. Math. Soc., Vol. 17, p.2453-2471

Cubic fourfolds containing a plane and a quintic del Pezzo surface. (with A.Auel, M.Bernardara and A.Varilly-Alvarado) journal,
Algebraic Geometry , Volume 1, Issue 2 (March 2014), p. 181-193

Fibrations in complete intersection of quadrics, Clifford algebras, derived categories and rationality problems. (with A.Auel and M.Bernardara)   arXiv
Jour. de Math. pures et appl. 102 (2014), pp. 249--291.

Categorical representability and intermediate Jacobians of Fano threefolds. (with M.Bernardara) arXiv
EMS Series of Congress Reports- Derived categories in algebraic geometry, p.1?25, EMS Ser. Congr. Rep., Eur. Math. Soc., Z?ich, 2012.

Derived categories and rationality of conic bundles. (with M.Bernardara) arXiv
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Coherent systems and birational geometry of SU_C(r). (with S.Brivio) arXiv
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Forgetful linear systems on the projective space and rational normal curves over M_{0,2n}^{GIT} arXiv
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A structure theorem for SU_C(2) and the moduli of pointed rational curves. (with A.Alzati) arXiv
J. Algebraic Geom. 24 (2015), no. 2, 283?310.

Stacks of trigonal curves (with A.Vistoli) arXiv
Trans. of the AMS , 364 (7), 3365-3393.

Osculating spaces and diophantine equations (with G.Pirola) arXiv
Math. Nach. Volume 284, Issue 8-9, pages 960?972, June 2011

A Conic Bundle Degenerating on the Kummer Surface arXiv
Math. Zeit. , 261 n.1, 149-168

On Weddle Surfaces and Their Moduli arXiv
Adv. in Geom. 7 (2007), no. 1, 113-144.


Surfaces de Weddle et Leurs Espaces de Modules, 99 pages. PDF.  (Phd Thesis, Universite' de Montpellier II, November 2006.)

- Fibres vectoriels, espaces de modules et categories derivees, 68 pages. PDF.  (Habilitation Thesis, Universite' de Rennes I, November 2013.)

My Phd students and their work under my guidance:

Nestor Fernandez Vargas (2014-2017, co-advised by Frank Loray), moduli of parabolic bundles on elliptic curves, theta map for vector bundles on hyperelliptic curves, here's the first paper from his thesis (https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.05417, to appear on Transactions of the AMS).

Paul-Louis David (2016-2019, co-advised by Marcello Bernardara), derived categories of certain Fano threefolds and fourfolds.

CV (in French)

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